KAM Portal   



We are an online information site for all organizations and professionals operating in the South African consumer goods market. Our directories also include companies that offer services to the industry and these are listed in our services pages. We offer a wide range of informational directories, services and other valuable guides, conveniently located in one site. This makes research easy, and saves our users value time.  Commercial community networking is our core business. We consult, develop, and implement enterprise community networks for companies (ECN). ECN’s improve and develop better communication platforms, and will increase organizational flexibility and agility.

Some of the benefits of enterprise commercial platforms:

  1.  Improve organizational flexibility.
  2.  Enable faster strategy development that  is based on information that is relevant
  3.  Easy, and optimal communication within  the entire organization
  4.  Enable quick to action implementation by  members of the great organization
  5. Create environment that leads to greater  nnovation and creativity

The South African consumer market is changing at a rapid rate, and this requires the consistent need for change within the Sales Operational Divisions. Some companies have taken on 3rd party sales forces, which often presents new communication barriers due to the potential risks associated with the access needed to company’s internal systems /intranets) Incompatible Information technological platform’s can also have a major impact. This can result in a loss of productivity, and deliver a poor ROI of very expensive marketing campaigns, not to mention the gaps the competitors have gained in the process. Innovation of Commercial Sales Operational systems, Methodology, and the alignment of these to facilitate an ever evolving trading environment, will provide proactive companies with a massive edge. Flexibility, ease of access, along with the development of skills, and awareness of the trading environment will enable even the largest, and most complex organizations the ability to flex its muscle immediately, if they sense they are off-plan due to market changes or competitor activity.

We developed KAM Portal, due to the need for operating solutions that are more flexible, efficient, easy to access, and has the ability to expand future functionality quickly, and at a reduced cost.  Change is great, flexibility is essential, KAMPortal makes this possible.

What we offer is a flexible, user restricted access profile, that can be accessed with great ease, even on your cell-phone.  We added skills development tools, market information, discussion forums, professional profiles, retail news, news of new products in the market, market research directories, links to vital information, all on one platform thus enabling the speedy implementation of collaborative team projects, whilst ensuring better cross functional team work. All the resources needed to deliver optimum operational standards are available, and it is extremely cost effective, and easy to introduce to the business.

KAMPortal, will also offer retailers access via their own logins to increase communication, flexibility, and ease of access that will contribute to optimal time management and the improved activation of promotional activities on a national basis. Store managers, will have access to the needed information via secure logins, thus reducing the need for bulk emailing. We have a massive expansion project planned, that will ensure a consistent upgrade in the functionality of KAM Portal.  KAMPortal, could also increase collaboration between Retail store managers and the more senior Sales Managers, due to its functionality and ease of use.

Last but not least KAMPortal will enable Brand, and Marketing teams a fast, simple and easy way to get feedback from retailers nationally. The impact will be powerful. KAMPortal can be customized to suit the individual organizations needs.

Enterprise communities

KAMPortal enterprise community solutions enable social networking within your organization and within a community of your choice. Organizations can set up groups for focused interactions, share events, marketing campaigns, and send private messages. Save time on updates and messages to employees and easily share information. Get your employees to interact better regarding project management, knowledge transfer, ideas for change and improvement or marketing strategies.  Knowledge and information sharing can become easy and even fun, and openness as a strategy can lead to innovations and important breakthroughs.

Knowledge management can help improve an organization's performance and give it the competitive advantage it needs. Knowledge should be managed as an asset and a good knowledge management system should encourage employees to share lessons learned and access a documented source of information and solutions. Information settings can be applied, thus ensuring that information is secure and communicated efficiently.

To be leaders in the Innovation of commercial sales operations. A Deep passion for innovation, strategy and development,  drives us to consistently look for better, more productive and effective ways of doing business, and to assist our clients by optimizing sales operational systems and strategies. Drive commercial awareness and team development.